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Valentine’s Day Campaign 2023

This Valentine’s Day, nothing says I fancy the pants off you, like swiping right!

In the modern day world of dating, it’s easy to swipe right on someone you find attractive, but no matter how much you might fancy someone, finding out about their sexual history and making a point to stay safe is essential. You might think you would know if someone for instance has an STI, but you as the old saying goes ‘you can’t judge a book by it’s cover’ and you can’t tell just by looking at someone if they have a sexually transmitted infection.

Testing together, particularly at the start of a new relationship, could prevent yourself and your partner from discovering STIs further down the line. By taking responsibility for your sexual health, you’ll protect each other from possible symptoms and open up a more honest conversation that you and your partner can both benefit from.

There are also some risks with undiagnosed STIs, such as chlamydia and gonorrhoea causing long term conditions – including pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), inflammation of the testicles, and infertility.

Get Tested

Spectrum’s STI self-testing service is a straightforward and convenient way to undertake sexual health testing, without the need to visit (or wait) in a clinic. Your test will arrive by post in an unmarked envelope, with full instructions. Don’t forget to return the test to us as soon as possible.

To use our self-testing service, please click on the district you live in from the choices below…

STI Testing is only one element of maintaining good sexual health, but to make sure your relationship with yourself and others remains safe and strong, here are a few other topics you might want to seek out:

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