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HIV services

When HIV is managed well, by you taking your medication every day, it prevents HIV from damaging your immune system and enables most people to live a long and healthy life.

If you test positive for HIV, we will discuss the options for treatment with you. It is recommended that people with HIV start treatment as soon as possible.

Further information on HIV testing and treatment can be found here.

HIV services include:

  • HIV treatment, monitoring, advice and care
  • Information and support for patients newly diagnosed with HIV
  • Ongoing emotional support
  • Health screening related to HIV
  • Sexual and reproductive health advice, including sexual health screening and advice about fertility and pregnancy
  • Contraception
  • Free condoms, lubricant, female condoms
  • Vaccinations
  • Close links to regional hospital specialities
  • Signposting and referrals to other agencies
  • Access to PrEP monitoring this is for HIV negative patients
  • Access to PEP, for eligible patients at risk of acquiring HIV
  • An online HIV testing facility, via PreventX – this is for HIV negative patients

HIV services in your area