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Female condoms

Internal condoms are made from thin, soft plastic called polyurethane and are worn inside the vagina to prevent semen getting to the womb. They also stop sexual fluids being transferred between partners, which provides protection against STIs.

Key facts:

  • They’re 95% effective at preventing pregnancy with perfect use and 79% effective with typical use
  • Can be inserted up to 8 hours before having sex
  • No side effects and suitable for people with latex allergies
  • Protects against pregnancy and STIs
  • Can use any lubrication with them, but can slip or get pushed into the vagina if not used correctly
  • Made from polyurethane (soft plastic) or nitrile polymer (synthetic rubber). 

How to use: 

A female condom needs to be placed inside the vagina before any contact with a penis. Open the packet and remove the female condom, taking care not to tear it. Squeeze the smaller ring at the closed end of the condom and put it into the vagina, with the larger ring at the open end covering the area around the vaginal opening. Make sure the penis goes into the female condom, not between the condom and the side of the vagina.

After sex, remove the female condom immediately by gently pulling it out. You can twist the large ring to prevent semen leaking out.

Ensure that you throw away the condom in a bin, not the toilet.


If you are aged between 16-25 and live in the Wakefield, Barnsley, or Wigan & Leigh areas, you can get free condoms from us through our C-Card scheme.

Download our patient leaflet for more information.