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The implant is a small flexible rod (about 40mm long) that’s inserted under the skin of your upper arm. This is a method of long-acting reversible contraception (LARC) and is progesterone only. It doesn’t rely on you remembering to take anything, but you do need a trained doctor or nurse to administer or fit it for you.

Key facts:

  • The most effective method of contraception available at preventing pregnancy
  • It doesn’t interrupt sex and is not visible
  • Can help reduce heavy periods and period pain, but its effectiveness is reduced by some medicines
  • May cause irregular bleeding
  • Can cause or worsen acne, as per all hormonal methods of contraception
  • Unaffected by diarrhoea and sickness
  • No STI protection
  • Lasts for three years

How to use: 

The implant is suitable for most people, but we’ll need to ask you about your own and your family’s medical history to make sure. Only a doctor, nurse or other healthcare professional trained to fit implants can insert the implant.


Download our patient leaflet for more information.