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Condoms & C-Card

If you are aged between 16–25 year old, you can get FREE condoms through Spectrum’s C-Card scheme. Alternatively, you can buy condoms from many shops and supermarkets. 

External (male) and internal (female) condoms are barrier methods of contraception. They stop sperm meeting an egg and are the only methods of contraception that help protect you from STIs.


If you 16-25 and live in the Wakefield and Barnsley areas, you can get free condoms through Spectrum’s C-Card scheme.

Is C-Card sign up and collection confidential?

The C-Card scheme is fully confidential, which means we won’t tell anyone about your visit and any records or information shared will be kept private. Only trained staff from outlets where you decide to use your card will be able to access your information.

However, to help us understand your needs and make sure we are meeting them, we do need to collect some information about you. This information will not be shared unless you share something that puts you or somebody else at risk of harm. If this were the case, we would always talk to you first before taking any action.

If you’re between 13-15 years old, you must contact one of our clinics to discuss the C-Card first.


Register for free condoms

Once you have registered, you can collect free condoms or get advice from various outlets.