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SMS Christmas Campaign 2022

In a time where the NHS is stretched like never before – including dealing with the effects of seasonal ailments – there are many things that we can do to keep ourselves and loved ones safe when drinking alcohol this festive season, as well as avoiding placing extra pressure on our emergency services.

‘Don’t Shatter Lives: Drink Safely This Christmas’ is Spectrum’s substance misuse services campaign, where we’ll be looking at tips on safer drinking, the dangers of drink-driving (including the morning after), understanding alcoholic units, and exploring responsible drinking this season.



Decide on a designated driver to stay alcohol-free in your group of friends or work colleagues. If you have lots of fun events coming up with the same group, you could take it in turns.

If you’re driving, use it as a chance to try some different alcohol-free drinks. From alcohol-free beers and wines to mocktails, there’s never been so much choice. Many bars and pubs offer free or discounted soft drinks for designated drivers too!

If you plan to take public transport, be sure of the bus or train schedule ahead of time.

Taxis/private hire vehicles are a great way to ensure you get home safe. Remember that you’ll need to book well in advance.

Remember to fully charge your mobile phone before you step out for the night.

Don’t drink and drive, or get in the car with someone who is under the influence – it can shatter lives.

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