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PrEP Awareness Week & World AIDS Day

PrEP Awareness Week

Running 27th Nov – 3rd Dec, PrEP Awareness Week also coincides with World AIDS Day on December 1st. We want to encourage as many people as possible to learn about the risks and #GetOnPrEP if it’s right for them.

Taking PrEP prevents HIV transmission, and it’s completely FREE, but people are still unaware of this miracle pill especially racially minoritized/heterosexual/trans communities.

World Aids Day

World AIDS Day is the perfect time for us to raise much needed awareness about HIV. Today over 105,000 people live with HIV in the UK and we are committed to help raise awareness of HIV and help stop the rise in new cases. We want to help fight HIV stigma and discrimination and educate about the disease and show how a simple test can be used to know your status and develop a treatment plan for you.

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